The Legend of the Masters
of deserted Mount

On one winter day, a resounding thud burst over the whole valley. The Great Landslide occurs; the biggest mountain slide ever condemns the entire Mount. Waterlogged soil breaks away in a ginormous viscous mud strip that devours everything on its way. The inhabitants leave the Mount and move further away, right at the foot of the stream called Ruisseau des Granges (stream).
They built a huge dyke intended to protect them and behind it, they withstand the Natural forces.
They establish The Guild of the Masters of deserted Mount, 5 Masters with knowledge accumulated over the centuries by the ancients, 5 masters capable of organising defence against the slippery Mount.

"Today is the big day, the day where disciples wishing to receive education of the masters are presented. If you want to be insiders, go in the woods of the Garins, to take the initiation trail. Be attentive.”